"Kiril has made an excellent product. You immediately realise that its build by someone who loves and understands Armwrestling!
It`s really easy to set up (it even fits my selfmade table). The different parts run very smooth and switching between the top and low position is no problem. In the end it was one of the best additions to my gym in a very long time!
Thanks alot!"

Tobias Schnellbächer - Germany

"Since I added training with this machine to my weekly routine I really improved at the table. Everybody knows, the best training for armwrestling is armwrestling with partners at the table. But in addition to that, resistance training helps a lot. It has the big advantage that YOU can choose the resistance you work with. To give your resistance training the best carryover to the table, you have to train the specific armwrestling moves in a dynamic and the positions in a static way. With ARM Bogdanski you can train just that. Resistance training canít be more specific for armwrestling, which means a maximum carryover. With different handles, towels or straps you have endless possibilities to train all aspects needed. Because of that I highly recommend this machine for any serious armwrestler."

Florian K. - Germany
Update / 20.10.2010/ :

"After a period of consistent training with A.R.M. Bogdanski , my strength has dramaticly increased. I`ve tracked my numbers, and after 6 weeks my strength has gone up 10-13%!! That is huge after 5 yrs of training for this sport."

Chris Gobby - Canada

"Personally I would like to recommend this equipment for all of you armwrestlers out there! I have had this machine at home myself a few weeks now and I have had some very good training sessions with it! It's very easy to adjust the angles to perform my own favourite armwrestling moves and it's possible to pack on exactly as much weight as I want to get the perfect resistance for each exercise! It really is a great machine and I'm very sure I will keep using it for as long as I'm training for armwrestling! I recommend this machine 100%!"

Charlie Minell - Sweden

A.R.M. Bogdanski  is a real spectacular training partner, that will never be tired! It hepls to improve in strenght, resistance and most of all tecnics in all styles of pulling. I train with the machine once a week and I have had many many benefits.

Marco Brambillasca - Italy

"The A.R.M.Bogdanski machine is really the best training tool I own at the moment! It doesn't matter if you have a good training group or you are training on your own most of the time like I do, Kirils machine can really enrich everyones training routine for a lifetime.

Top Roll, Hook, Shoulder Roll, specifics, you can do just anything with this machine right on your armwrestling table in your individual armwrestling position. Therefore the carry over to real matches is simply amazing!

Also the "handeling" of his machine is extraordinary. Perfectly fitted for my mazurenko table you can easily switch between every possible training postion within a few seconds.

I can really recommend this training tool to everyone who is serious about training for armwrestling."

Engelbert Staudacher - Austria

"Worked out today with it. Very happy with it, the varying angles make for unique training. It's very hard with a person (training partner) to replicate certain angles and ask them to provide constant angled pressure... This machine allows this."

Chris Gobby - Canada

Just the perfect tool for me!

Catherine Zmoos - Switzerland

I had a couple of workouts with your machine. The idea is great, I'll have to improve it a little, to make it possible to work with really heavy loads. Nevertheless I haven't seen a better armwrestling device before. I'm sure it will help me to get ready for the Worlds in Kazakhstan!
With all respect,

Ivan Matyushenko - Russia

Photo: matyushenko.com

I have already had several good sessions on ARM Bogdanski, so I'm very happy!

The best part of it was that, it was actually compatible with Heidi Andersson's table with only small modifications. I applied some furniture pads and drilled 2 wholes... that was it. And now I can use it Right/Left with all the different posisitions!

Ola Larsen -  Norway

The machine is perfect for me, very well made, easy to set up and fits perfectly on to my Mazurenko table. This is exactly what I need to advance my training!

Craig Sanders - England